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Luster dust - Sterling Pearl™ Dusts by The Sugar Art

  • $4.99

Sterling Pearl™ dusts add shimmer and shine to cakes, fondant, chocolate, candies, and many more confections. Sterling Pearl™ colors are the only colors in the world that have been created using a patent-pending micro-blend technology that gives the dusts super pigmentation for vibrantly intense color as well as superb blendability. Use with a dry brush or mix with small amounts of food-grade alcohol or extracts for wet painting and airbrushing. luster dust lustre

Net weight: 2.5 grams   petal dust dusts colour colours dusting flower sugarcraft sugar art paste gumpaste sugarpaste flowerpaste gum

F.D.A. certified; Kosher certified by Dallas Kosher in Dallas, TX; Made in the U.S.A.

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