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Peony (Double, Bomb, Bomb Double) Petals

  • $12.99

These cutters are specifically for the Bomb, Bomb Double, and Double variants of peony.

The example shown is a Bomb Peony using the round cutter for the ruffled central ball (the "bomb") petals. The three other main petals are also used for our signature white double peony (as seen on the logo at the top of the page). For large and double peonies you will also need large rose petal cutters for some of the outside petals. We recommend using the Multipurpose Veiner #1 for veining the petals. The round center cutter may also be used separately to make carnations!

Diamond Paste & Mould Co. Ltd./Sugarcity UK Flexicutters are crafted from superior quality plastic for no-rust construction, have sharp & level cutting edges, flex slightly for the cleanest of cuts, and are marked with the flower or leaf name for easy identification.

Made in the UK.

Photos of gumpaste flowers and leaves are for illustration purposes only - not for sale.

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