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Perfect Palate™ Flavors

Perfect Palate™ Flavors

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How would you like your royal icing, fondant and candy melts to taste as marvelous as your cake and cookies? Would you like to flavor anything from macaron and sugar cookie batters to buttercream, chocolate ganache, fruit fillings, fine chocolate, glazes, or whipped cream without changing the consistency? Would you like to add the true flavor of popular liquors to your recipes without adding any alcohol? If you said yes to, More Than Cake's Perfect Palate™ powdered flavors are what you want! 
These awesomely concentrated powder flavors come in .6 oz./16 g. jars and each jar will yield 20-24 recipe uses. For fondant, buttercream, chocolate & hard candies, use 1/4 tsp per pound. Use 1/2 tsp per batch for baking batters. Use a pinch for whipped cream, royal icing, coffee, glazes, etc. The flavor will get stronger as it rests.
When flavoring anything other than fondant, candy melts, or chocolate, dissolve the recommended amount of powder in a drop of water before adding to your recipe. And for non-baking/decorating uses you can add them to homemade smoothies, gelato, and ice cream for awesome taste!
 FDA approved, Kosher & gluten-free
Made in the US


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