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Chocolate Chameleon Colors - 11 Colors Set

Chocolate Chameleon Colors - 11 Colors Set

  • $64.99

All 11 Chocolate Chameleon Colors in one set  for $64.99 - a $75.99 value! Includes: Rose, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Peach, Black, Blue, Teal, Green, and Violet

Artisan Accent Chocolate Chameleon Colors are so pure, vibrant and concentrated that a drop or two is all you need! These oil-based colors will not seize up your chocolate, fade, or change the taste or consistency of your creations. 

These brilliant colors work for light to mid-colored chocolate, candy melts, oil/fat-based candy confectioners coatings, chocolate and cocoa butter-based fondants, and buttercream icings. Try them for coloring edible cocoa butter for painting on chocolates or fondant! Chocolate Chameleon Colors are flavorless, easy to mix, FDA approved, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and certified kosher.

Need colors for royal icing, candy apple glazes, or isomalt plus everything else that is not chocolate or candy melts? Use Artisan Accents Gel Colors - click here.


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