Chocolate Chameleon Colors - 10 Colors Set

Chocolate Chameleon Colors - 10 Colors Set

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Set includes: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, Blue, Teal, Green, Violet & White PLUS free handy gift!

Artisan Accent Chocolate Chameleon Colors oil-based colors will not seize up your chocolate, fade, or change the taste or consistency of your creations. These brilliant colors work for white chocolate, candy melts, oil/fat-based candy confectioners coatings (candy bark), white chocolate couverture and ganaches, chocolate and cocoa butter-based fondants, and buttercream icings. Try them for coloring edible cocoa butter for painting on chocolates or fondant! Chocolate Chameleon Colors are flavorless, easy to mix, FDA approved, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and certified kosher.

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