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Dream Fondant

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Dream Fondant is a hybrid fondant with a white chocolate base that has a fantastic chocolate taste and no artificial smell or taste - even the deep and dark colors! Dream Fondant is easy to work with and rolls thinner than other brands with no cracking, sagging or tearing. Use it for covering cakes, creating decorative embellishments with molds and cutters, and modeling faces, animals and figures.
Note: Since Dream Fondant is made with chocolate, it does require kneading prior to use. For best results, remove fondant from container and place in microwave on HALF power for 10 second bursts - making sure not to burn or overheat the fondant. Knead small amounts of fondant until pliable, adding each well kneaded portion together until all is pliable.
Made in the USA by the makers of Choco-Pan and Satin Ice.
Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free, Nut Free, Kosher Dairy and Vegetarian. Contains Milk.

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