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Chocolate Chameleon Colors - 11 Colors Set

Chocolate Chameleon Colors - 11 Colors Set

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All 11 Chocolate Chameleon Colors Includes: Rose, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Peach, Black, Blue, Teal, Green, and Violet

Artisan Accent Chocolate Chameleon Colors oil-based colors will not seize up your chocolate, fade, or change the taste or consistency of your creations. These brilliant colors work for light to mid-colored chocolate (Black color only), candy melts, oil/fat-based candy confectioners coatings, white chocolate couverture and ganaches, chocolate and cocoa butter-based fondants, and buttercream icings. Try them for coloring edible cocoa butter for painting on chocolates or fondant! Chocolate Chameleon Colors are flavorless, easy to mix, FDA approved, vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and certified kosher.

Do you want the perfect edible Gold paint for painting on your Chocolate Chameleon creations? Try Poppy Paint Gold, Champagne, Rose Gold, or Honey Gold - click here - Poppy Paint Pearlescents/Metallics also come in Silver, Bronze, Pearl, Gunmetal, Cotton Candy, Champagne, and Unicorn Elixir (which adds an iridescent shimmer depending on the light!)

Need colors for royal icing, candy apple glazes, or isomalt plus everything else that is not chocolate or candy melts? Use Artisan Accents Gel Colors - click here.


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