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Silicone shaping & modeling tools, $6.50-7.50

  • $6.50

These multipurpose silicone tools are your new best sugarart friend! Use them for:

  • modeling with fondant, gumpaste or modeling chocolate
  • adding custom textures or designs to smooth buttercream
  • shaping or hand-veining gumpaste flower petals and leaves
  • smoothing out imperfections on multiple surfaces
  • painting dots and dashes with viscous colors
  • making perfectly round impressions for mounting sugar pearls, dragees, or sugar jewels

Paintbrush-length handles are tipped with super-flexible, smooth, non-stick silicone that clean up with a simple wipe. Each set contains 5 different tip styles and the small tool tips are approximately 5mm (1/8 inch) in length, the large tool tips are approximately 15mm (1/2 inch) in length. The small tip sets come in two firmnesses: white tips are soft, black tips are medium/soft. The large set has medium/firm tips. shaper shapers modelling

shapers nail tool watercolor masking

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